How to pay by Visa/MasterCard card
The site accepts credit Visa and MasterCard cards (including Visa Electron and Maestro), issued Ukrainian and European banks.

Commission 0% *
 For payment by Visa or MasterCard cards, select the appropriate payment method (credit Visa/MasterCard card). Note that when this type of payment you will not pay any additional fees that are associated directly with the processing of this payment. Your bank may establish additional Commission, the amount of which depends on your Contract for maintenance of payment cards. On the amount of such fees and the reasons for their You will be able to hold a detailed answer only the bank that issued the card, their phones all banks indicate payment cards themselves.

Enter data about payment card on a form to fill in information about the payment card.

Namely, the full number card, the expiration date of the card. These details are on the front side of the payment card. After entering all the data, press button "Proceed". Depending on the type of card and the bank's claims, issuing card processing center may require from the cardholder specify CVV/CVV2 code. This code is on the back side of the card, on the signature strip. This code has 3 digits. If on the map indicated more than 3 digits then enter the last 3 (rightmost). This payment process is completed. User will be automatically redirected to our poster displaying a result message of payment.